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24 nov. 2017

Fischer Nordic | Roller Skiing 1

One thing is for sure – winter will be with us again before we know it. And if you want to be fully prepared for it, you will want to be training with ski-like sessions as far as possible in summer, too. Fischer is the only ski manufacturer to offer a comprehensive rollerski line, and has been since the 2015 summer season. The many years of experience and proven materials from ski production go into the development of the rollerskis as well.
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23 nov. 2017

A New Approach to Roller Skiing!

The best way to develop your XC technique, off season, is to roller ski. However the fear of falling scares lots of skiers away. What if we change the way we approach roller skiing and focus on SAFETY, FUN, and TECHNIQUE rather than training!

22 nov. 2017

Moroccan ski hopeful Azzimani trains in desert

A Moroccan Olympian has found an unusual way to prepare for the Winter Games in South Korea. Samir Azzimani is using roller skis to traverse the south of Morocco and Western Sahara as he trains for the cross-country skiing event.

6 sept. 2017

Golobar Solidario también en Roller ski

El sábado 23 de septiembre tendrá lugar la cuarta edición del Desafío Solidario, una carrera benéfica a favor de Cruz Roja Barruelo de Santullán y ONG Ashua que realiza labores de ayuda en Afar, una de las regiones más pobres del mundo, Etiopía. Este año contará con una nueva modalidad: Roller Ski.